Troop 242 
          Hut Trip Checklist
Full-sized Backpack with room for personal clothes/accessories and a share of group food
Snowshoes or Backcountry skis/skins and poles
Appropriate boots
Snow pants
Middleweight jacket (with a couple of lightweight layers underneath)
Gaiters (optional depending on type of boots and snow pants)
Winter Gloves (1 pair is a must, 2 pair is better since 1st pair will get wet)
Sleeping Bag - can be lightweight
Pillow (optional) or personal pillowcase to put over hut pillows
Warm hat
Ski Goggles (in case it's snowing)
Sunglasses (in case it's sunny)
Water Bottle(s) - enough for one way on the trail
Flashlight and spare batteries
No Sleeping Pad needed!
No Mess Kit needed!
Toothbrush/toothpaste, soap/washcloth
Personal medications/basic first-aid kit
Camera (optional)
warm slippers to wear in the hut
Clothes - (dress in layers)
  polypro undershirt (if you have one)
  long underwear bottoms
  several pairs of winter weight socks
  sweat pants/pajamas
  tshirt or sweatshirt to wear in hut
Personal Snacks:
Clif or other energy bars
Leaders' Gear:
Route map & compass
First Aid Supplies incl. space blanket
Lightweight stove/matches
Repair stuff for broken gear: Duct tape, wire, spare ski tip, twine, clamps, multi-tool
Ground cloth or foam pad
probe poles