Troop 242 Scoutmaster's Vision for Success

Troop 242 has a tradition of providing boys with opportunities to develop strong leadership skills and growth in character through participation in the programs of the Boy Scouts of America. It is an ongoing primary goal of the Troop to be a "Boy-Led Troop". To achieve this, each member of the troop must share a commitment to that same goal. Additionally, in order for our boys to become good leaders they must be trained and then given opportunities to practice what they have learned. The Troop Leadership Training course will be provided to all new officers, and additional formal training opportunities such as NYLT, NAYLE, O.A. NLS, will be made available to our boys each year. It is through the practical application of skills learned in training and with ongoing coaching from the Scoutmaster and other adult leaders that our troop will achieve this goal of being boy-led.

Troop 242 will do its part to build the leaders of tomorrow by challenging every boy to live by the Scout Oath and Law. And the Troop will expect every boy, when the time is right, to accept the responsibility of a leadership position in the Troop. Acceptance of this responsibility will be accompanied by a commitment to participate in training to help develop their leadership skills and to do their best in fulfilling the duties of their elected position. Adult Troop leaders will also be expected to sharpen their skills through participation in leadership training programs offered by BSA.

Advancement is a very important part of any Scouting program. Troop 242 is committed to providing boys the experiences and resources necessary for rank advancement. It is the responsibility of the individual Scout to set his goals and put into action a plan to achieve those goals. The Troop will provide the necessary support through skills training, opportunities to complete rank requirements on outings and at an annual summer camp, and Merit Badge classes.

Finally, Troop 242 will do its best to honor Lord Baden-Powell's vision for Scouting by utilizing the Patrol Method in meetings and on outings as much as possible, and by striving to keep it "Fun" while pursuing the purposes of Scouting.