White Rim Trail Packing Checklist
Scouts - Required Items Expected Weather (from White Rim Trail Tour Guide Company)
bike helmet In March, early April & late Oct expect colder nights (30-45F), clear to partly cloudy 
bike gloves days (60-80F) and the possibility of some wind & thunderstorms.
spare inner tube & patch kit We suggest dressing in layers, with good Gore-Tex rain gear as the top layer.
seat padding or padded bike shorts
2 water bottles or hydration pack
day pack
mess kit/utentils/cup
warm sleeping bag & ground pad (no cots!)
closed-toe shoes for riding
Highly Recommended Personal Gear
sunscreen / lip balm
camp chair
flashlight & spare batteries
comfy camp shoes
camp pillow
personal first aid kit w/moleskin for blisters
bug spray
polypro shirts (to wick moisture away from skin & stay warm when damp)
layers for daytime wear including breathable (i.e. gore-tex) light jacket 
rainwear jacket AND pants - we still ride if it's a rainy day
long pants that zip-off into shorts
warm winter coat & hat, winter gloves (for nights)
clothing for around camp & occasional hikes
toiletries - toothbrush/toothpaste, washcloth/soap, baby wipes, aquaphor
Cabin/Trailer Leaders' Extra Gear
Table(s) 2 bike pumps
Troop Coolers several spare 26" tubes
Camp Kitchen-proper pans, utensils, spices several patch kits
Orange Water Jugs at least 1 spare 26" rim
2 propane tanks, fire ring Chain master links - assortment
Propane trees/lines brake pads?
2 Lanterns - check for spare mantles portable toilet - "day" groover / toilet paper
Stoves Troop 1st aid kit
Dutch Oven?  Charcoal, lighter fluid blister aids
Tents & tarps maps
Troop EZ Up ibuprofen
handwashing station baby wipes
Cooking Supplies washcloths
Alum. Foil duct tape
Paper Towels (have plenty!) Tools - pliers, crescent wrench, allen wrenches, multitool
Powdered Drink Mix & Hot Choc. Bungee cords
Block Ice
Cooking Oil
Dish Soap & Scrubbers, gray wash tubs
Trash Bags
120 gallons water (15 ppl*2 gal/day*4days) 
Trail Permit
Local Tour Permit
Permission Slips
Medical Forms
Troop checkbook